24-country poll: Majority say immigration has had negative impact on their country

Politicians…pay attention

Refugee Resettlement Watch

US Presidential candidates!  Pay attention!


Toronto, Canada – A new Ipsos global poll finds that fully half (50%) of those citizens surveyed in 24 countries say there are too many immigrants in their country—and almost as many (46%) agree that immigration is causing their country to change in ways they don’t like.

Globe with immigrants Like it or not (mostly NOT!), here they come!

Against a backdrop where 81% of citizens indicate that over the last five years migrants have increased in their country (and just 30% say immigrants make their country a more interesting place to live) only one in five (21%) citizens surveyed say immigration has had a positive impact on their country; only three in 10 (28%) say immigration has been good for their economy.

Further, half (50%) say immigration has placed too much pressure on public services in their country.

And almost half (45%) of global…

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