Tired of the white bashing

I am so tired of the white bashing, especially from the darn elitist whites, who are on some darn guilt trip! That goes for the elitist black too! They are just as guilty!
They all live in their gated communities and hide their money from the tax man! They demand that someone else take care of the poor! They set up their little trusts and non-profits! Getting rich and blaming others for their own failures!
If they truly wanted to help they wouldn’t demand such high salaries and live in 3 or 4 homes……no they would actually live as most of us do.
We here in poor and middle class America….are tired of your lies! We are tired of the tax burden YOU impose on us, because you hide your money….
Shed your own skin…..we are tired of shedding ours. We are here in our communities,  living together…and trying to IGNORE …..your hate speech!