Federal authorities raid New York, Virginia 7-Eleven stores

Federal authorities raid New York, Virginia 7-Eleven stores in human smuggling probe
Published June 17, 2013
A group of 7-Eleven managers, owners and workers in New York and Virginia were taken into custody by federal authorities Monday as part of a human smuggling investigation.
The raid follows allegations that store owners helped smuggle workers into the U.S. from Pakistan. Authorities said the workers were forced to live in housing provided by the store owners, NBC New York reports.
Some store owners and managers were arrested Monday. Law enforcement officials say they are expected to face identity theft, money laundering and other charges, while a few are also accused of stealing from 7-Eleven’s corporate headquarters, NBC reports.
More than a dozen workers were also taken into custody by immigration officials. The New York raids were centered on Long Island.
The 7-Eleven company says in a statement that it is cooperating with federal authorities. It had no further comment.

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