In Transition……a JOKE

Isay…..this yet again proves what a stinking lie this LGBT crap is…..these “transgenders”…are in transition to what? Being Straight? Then what? Their damn partners will become “straight” as soon as you transition????? They will no longer want same sex…please people…wake up  this is sick and nothing but pure sex…….some are born this way, but it is so obvious our younger generations are being brainwashed to “accept” this crap as something normal!!!!!!

State Dept. Offers Special Two-Year Passports for Transgenders in Transition

March 6, 2013


( – The State Department’s website features travel information for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender individuals, including advice on getting a temporary passport if you are a transgender in transition.

“In order to have the passport issued in your new gender, you must submit a physician certificate with your application that validates whether your gender transition is in process or complete,” says the State Department.

“If a physician certifies that your transition is in process, you are eligible for a limited validity two-year passport,” says the department.

“If a physician certifies that your transition is complete, you are eligible for a full validity ten-year passport,” it says.

In any event, says the State Department, “The passport photo submitted with your application must accurately reflect your current appearance.”

The department website also warns that some countries consider homosexuality a crime.

“Before choosing one’s international destination, LGBT travelers should carefully consider the laws and biases of their international destination and decide how open one can be regarding one’s sexual orientation or gender identity,” the website states.

“Avoid excessive physical displays of affection in public, particularly in more conservative countries or regions,” the website states in a list of recommendations entitled “While You’re There.”

Travelers who have HIV or AIDS are directed to the Bureau of Consular Affair’s website for information on restrictions for traveling abroad.

Links offered on the site include two “fact sheets” from State and the White House where “accomplishments” on gay rights by the Obama administration are detailed.