Violent mob fights between parents and students at bus stop 

As I was reading yet again about more “mob” violence in yet another city…I had to take this comment from a young person who I think hit the nail on the head…she said what many of us..who are seeing these actions across the land…and are afaid to say anything..for fear of being called a racists…I hope this young person will find more voices like hers and demand a real dialogue from the “pimps” in the Government who feed off these types of actions and also fuel these actions…

this is the quote on the site about the incident:

Sadly, I knew what the people would look like BEFORE I ever clicked on this link.

There is a problem in the African and Mexican American communities. As a young Hispanic woman, I am ashamed of it. Yet it goes ignored by self-appointed leaders and even our president.

I think that it has much to do with the entitlement, government-dependent culture. If you treat people like they must depend on the government (taxpayers) for everything, it is no wonder that they behave like zoo animals.

I suppose that it is easier to blame “racism” than it is to fix our own communities. As long as the food stamps, welfare checks and HUD handouts keep coming, who needs to act civilized?